Leveraging ESSA to Increase College Readiness and Completion

The new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides a tremendous opportunity for states to deepen and catalyze the partnerships between their K–12 and higher education systems. This new legislation explicitly focuses on improving the college and career readiness of all students, including requiring states to set high standards that are aligned to state higher education entrance requirements.

With aligned goals across the education system, states can ensure that all students graduate high school prepared for college and careers and transition seamlessly into higher education, ultimately reducing the need for remediation and increasing postsecondary completion rates.

NEW! Aligning K–12 and Higher Education Goals To Support Success for All Students
A streamlined set of goals — all pointing in the same direction — can support and inspire collective action to deliver more youth prepared to engage with the new economy.

This policy brief identifies clear strategies for developing aligned K–12 and higher education goals and outlines how states can use those goals to drive strategic actions to support all youth on their path to attain a postsecondary credential of value.

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Thanks to the over 150 leaders from CCSSO, NASH and SHEEO who were able to join us live! This webinar featured state K-12 chiefs and higher education executives from South Dakota and Tennessee who are making significant advances in working together across sectors to ensure all students are ready for college and careers.

To access the recorded webinar and slides, please click the ‘+’ sign below.

1/24/17: Moving the College Readiness and Success Needle: Strategies for K-12 and Higher Education Collaboration
Strategies To Support Student K–12 to Postsecondary Transitions
State K–12 and higher education leaders together must harness ESSA to build and scale programs proven to increase college readiness and success. These materials take a closer look at these opportunities, addressing the following questions:

  • What can be done to speed up those students who are ready for college-level coursework while in high school through strategies such as dual credit and early college?
  • How can we bring intervention strategies and developmental education content into high schools so that students who need more support can catch up before they graduate?
Leveraging ESSA to Increase College Readiness and Completion
This document is the first of a series designed to support K–12 and higher education partnerships on ESSA plans. This provides a roadmap for upcoming releases in which we will focus more in depth on several of the issues, outlined here:

  • Validation of standards and assessments,
  • Strategies to support student transitions,
  • Alignment of k–12 and higher education goals
  • Strengthening of educator preparation programs and professional development


Upcoming Resources
Additional resources in this series coming later this year will provide concise, targeted approaches in specific areas that states can incorporate into their plans to ensure the alignment of K–12 and postsecondary goals and expectations.


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