October 27, 2014
“Making the Grade as Workforce”
Los Angeles Business Journal

“Today’s kindergarten students are tomorrow’s college students and workforce. As leaders in business and education, we need all our students to come to us prepared for what lies ahead. Although we don’t know all the jobs of the future, we know that to ensure our future prosperity, we need an agile, adaptable workforce ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

We need to shift how we educate people from cradle to career, in part by taking collective responsibility for successfully moving the student through elementary and secondary school to the college and career pipeline. This requires partnerships involving K-12, higher education, community organizations and business working toward a shared vision.

Across the country, more than 200 postsecondary leaders have together launched Higher Ed for Higher Standards, and the business community has mobilized as a willing partner in this coalition. This partnership in California embraces the state’s new Common Core standards and recognizes that achieving these standards requires the human capital that undergirds our children’s success…”

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