Jack R. Warner, Executive Director and CEO, South Dakota Board of Regents

FORUM: Common core standards an economic issue

Education is an economic issue. I am convinced there is a direct connection between education and a state’s economic prosperity, all along the continuum from elementary school to post-graduate work. That’s why the new rigorous common core standards being implemented in K-12 schools across South Dakota and 45 other states are so important.

The National Governors’ Association championed this effort to develop and adopt uniform educational standards. K-12 teachers and university faculty, working together, crafted the standards. What is so positive about this effort is strong agreement across this country that these are the right standards, and that high school students who meet the standards will be college and career ready.

By implementing these standards in Black Hills area schools and elsewhere, South Dakota is raising the bar to ensure that all students are well-prepared for success in the 21st century.

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