PA Community College Partners with K-12 District to Create Math Transition Course

November 21, 2016 — Northampton Community College (NCC) is partnering with Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) to design a math course aimed at ensuring district graduates don’t need college remedial math courses. Currently, about 80 percent of NCC students that take the placement tests end up in remedial, non-creditbearing math courses. Since 30 percent of Bethlehem Area School Districts graduates enroll there, this course – co-taught by NCC and BASD faculty – this collaboration is the start of a strong educational pipeline fron K-12 to postsecondary. Read more from Lehigh Valley Live, and for more on placement policies and transition courses, check out our report on community college and K-12 collaboration, Seizing the Moment, as well as our Alignment Policy Brief series.

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H.S. Classes Offer Bypass to Remedial Courses

October 26, 2016 —Edweek recently featured Washington, Hawaii and Tennessee’s work to offer remedial coursework in high school. Important keys to success across state examples include K-12 and higher education faculty collaboration throughout the process, and a focus on rigor centered on setting a true bar for college readiness. This seeming simple approach to college remediation – taking care of readiness problems while students are still in high school is gaining ground, and early findings show success in catapulting students into credit bearing coursework. See more on reducing remediation through transition courses and assessments aligned to college ready benchmarks from our alignment policy brief.

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