February 11, 2015
Letter to Tennessee Education Commissioner Dr. Candice McQueen

“Dear Commissioner McQueen:

As leaders of Tennessee’s community colleges, we want to express our strong support for the continued implementation of Tennessee’s higher academic standards in our K-12 schools. We applaud the commitment our classroom teachers and school administrators have made over the past few years to raise expectations so that all students can graduate high school prepared for college and careers. We believe you are on the right path, and we support all efforts to ensure that path leads to college and career readiness.

Each year, Tennessee’s community colleges enroll thousands of high school graduates eager to continue their education. Our mission is to help them succeed. Sadly, almost 70 percent of high school graduates who enroll in our institutions have significant gaps in their preparation and require additional learning support to
ready them for college study. Bringing them up to college-level performance requires additional funding and resources, and time spent in remedial learning support significantly decreases the likelihood that students will complete their degree…”

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