August 18, 2016 — Collaboration with local high schools is key, according to Community College Research Center’s Elisabeth Barnett and Elizabeth Ganga’s opinion piece in The Hechinger Report. Transition courses designed to fill in gaps in students’ high school education and to get them ready for college were in place in 29 states as of late 2012, but new research from CCRC outlines ways to maximize their effectiveness, including an overview outlining the state of knowledge about the courses  as well as a report on implementation in California, Tennessee, New York, and West Virginia earlier this year. Without an agreement with  higher ed that the transition courses satisfy remediation requirements, students may still have to take a placement test when they get to college; meanwhile, a lack of feedback on how transition course students fare in college leaves K-12 unsure of whether the courses are effective or need improvement — underscoring the need for collaboration with K-12 and higher ed.

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