April 13, 2015

With expanding implementation of higher standards evolving in the K-12 system, Levine & Kirst call for the need for higher education’s preparation for the 3.3 million first-time freshmen projected for 2016, given their different expectations of what and how they learn and are taught.

The authors believe that the “concerted efforts toward the alignment of K-12 standards with higher education admission and “knowledge and skill” requirements”  that are implemented in our schools have the opportunity to create a more meaningful college learning experience for generations to come. Now is the time to ensure that with more “college ready” students, our colleges are ready for them—and what they know and don’t know, and how they have been taught to learn.

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By: Harold G. Levine and Michael W. Kirst

Harold G. Levine is the dean of the school of education at the University of California, Davis.

Michael W. Kirst is the president of the California State Board of Education and a Professor Emeritus of Education at Stanford University.


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